Wednesday, March 11, 2009


New Artwork for the hood.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Race Car is Born

No matter how much you plan, fabricate, tune, and otherwise bust your knuckles preparing a LeMons-worthy heap, the thing still looks like a pile of 'potential'. Then comes the magical day the the whole thing suddenly becomes a race car. That day happens after the roll cage is installed, after the racing seat and belts are fitted into place, and certainly after the thing has been stripped of all comforts known to a street-legal passenger car. The day this make-over occurs, is the day the racing colors, numbers, sponsor decals, safety equipment stickers, and other such badging occurs. From this day forward, this is a vehicle with a purpose, not a pile with potential. It may be a crappy race car. It may be a slow or poor-handling race car, but it is now and until it meets its demise with the fateful crusher one day in the future a race car. Today was that day for our project. After several weeks of spending our Thursday evenings flirting with tetanus and flash burns, we've entered the final stretch of our preparations. With the LeMons South Spring event just less than a month away, the team is getting pretty stoked. The folks at the Boys & Girls Club in Big Daddy's home town were thrilled at being involved with the team. During a recent visit the collected donations were presented to the local club's director John Hartnett. The donations were accepted with sincere appreciation and will be put to great use. Our efforts continue to solicit more pledges for this great cause.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


The team would like to thank Robart Transportation for their tremendous support to the Boys & Girls Club through our team. Their very generous donation will be greatly appreciated by the folks at the Boys and Girls Club of America. Robart Transportation is a top-notch transportation and logistical service provider and Big Daddy and the team highly recommend them. They provide a wide array of services including truckload and expedited shipping. In addition to taking care of their clients' cargo, they are also stewards of goodwill in the community. With a long track record of involvement in charitable works with groups like The Herring Foundation of Hope ( and Childkind (, they prove that their hearts, as well as their heads, are in the right place. For more information about this great company click on the "Our Sponsors" link or call them at 770-662-5008.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Sometimes it's the simplest things...

I'll admit that our diagnostic skills were challenged in figuring out the problem with what had now been dubbed "Dana" the Daytona. The squealing which dad been disquised as a loose alternator belt was actually the result of the water pump pulley being installed backwards. The cause of the other problems proved more elusive without any diagnostic tools beyond the fault codes being reported by the computer. Tracing and retracing vacuum lines that were highly suspect yeilded no results other than an education on mid-80's Dodge vacuum strategy. Fortunately, we had made contact with a local guy named Brian who was a former Chrysler mechanic and a Daytona buff. He was willing to bring his diagnostic computer over and give it a look for us. After witnessing a plthera of problems on the computer we started developing a list of things (sensors) to replace. It seemed like every sensor was bad. Brian was showing us where to find the MAP sensor when he made the discovery. It seems that the former owner replaced the logic computer for one reason for another. It just so happens that on the Daytona the MAP sensor is piggy-backed on the logic computer and is connected to the engine by a vacuum line. Well, the previous owner carelessly pinched off the vacuum line when bolting the new computer to the chassis. Without this connection to the engine, the logic computer couldn't function properly. Removing the crimped section and reattaching the vacuum line cured all of our problems. The engine ran strong after that. The turbo worked properly giving us strong boost and horsepower that the old Datsun couldn't deliver last year.

Step 1: Acquire a Car

After the 1st Lemons South event, the team immediately began dreaming of ‘next year’. Jay’s promise of TWO events in Kershaw in 2009 were locked in our memories. So what some of us can’t remember our own niece’s name or we keep buying the same present for our daughter on every occasion because we forgot about buying it on the last birthday/Christmas, we remember the important things! And two LeMons events in 2009 was important. We watched Craigslist for months looking for that perfect vehicle. When it failed to appear we picked up a Dodge Daytona real cheap. It had a floor and frame rails you couldn’t poke your finger through so we were already well ahead of the starting point we had with the Datsun 280ZX. We learned many things during our first LeMons foray. One of these lessons is get the mechanicals right before you strip it down and slap a wing on it. Your opportunities to test drive and work the bugs out are much more plentiful when the thing is street legal. Now, the car was cheap, but it was not clean! The interior of this car had been used as a combination ashtray / trashcan for about three years. Even the air inside this car was toxic! The change we salvaged from the seats and console had to be soaked in disinfectant (after it was chiseled up out of its soda-syrup epoxy-like resin). There were cigarette butts EVERYWHERE. Even in places that had not seen the light of day since the assembly line. Don’t ask me how! The main reason the car was cheap, though was because it did not run well, at all. The belts squealed constantly and any acceleration caused the engine to stall intantly. The fuel mixture was so rich the exhaust was flammable. We felt that we could correct the causes of these things that the previous owner had given up on and purchased the heap for the pawltry sum of $250.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Because once just isn't enough...

Coyote Motorsports (formerly known as Hard Luck Racing) is proud to announce their 24 Hours of LeMons campaign for 2009. Survivors of the inaugural LeMons South event in July 2008, the team of obvious slow learners will tempt fate and risk life, limb, and moderate sums of cash in search of LeMons glory! The team is preparing an entirely new car for the 2009 and intend on participating in both Kershaw events (April and September). A jaunt to "LAISSEZ LES CRAPHEAPS ROULEZ NEW ORLEANS" in Belle Rose, LA in early June is also possible. Aside from the fame and fortune to be obtained through track prowess, Coyote Motorsports will be using the events to promote and raise money for The Boys & Girls Clubs of America. The team will be soliciting donations to the worthy organization based upon the number of laps completed in each event. Pledgers will be lauded in the annals of our blog and surely be envied by their peers. Stay tuned for more.....